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Item # 17040, Chain and Cable Lube

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Chain and Cable Lube is a heavy duty lubricant for reducing friction and wear. It is a mixture of penetrants, anti-oxidants, oils and grease; plus molybdenum disulfide which creeps into chain components and cable strands to provide excellent lubrication and rust protection. This lubricant forms a non-gumming thin film providing maximum lubrication and protection under severe conditions.

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16 oz



Features and Benefits
  • Multi-purpose, heavy-duty lubricant
  • Contains molybdenum disulfide for added wear resistance
  • Thick foam penetrates and clings to all surfaces
  • Provides a non-gumming protective film
  • Can be applied while machinery is running
  • Displaces water, eliminating moisture & preventing corrosion

    Roller chains and drives, hoists and conveyors, wire rope and cable, chain saws, sprockets, land and roller assemblies, hinges and many outdoor/indoor applications.

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